Saronde - Lembeh

Golden Glance – D'lagoon Lembeh Resort and Saronde Island Resort
d'Lagoon Dive Resort, Lembeh Strait
Saronde Island Resort - Seaview

Combine the famous Lembeh Strait with its Black Sand Critter Eldorado with paradise white sandy beach Island Saronde. Both Resorts offer luxurious villas, delicious food, family atmosphere, No Crowds and personalized hospitality. Sulawesi at its Golden Glance.

Both Resorts, D’lagoon Dive Resort Lembeh and Saronde Island Resort are the Homes and are managed by their owners, giving you unique hospitality and making you feel you never want to leave.

Diving Lembeh and Saronde

Travel Date

  • arrivals before 31th December 2024
  • longer and shorter stays are available on request


2.940 € per person for double room occupancy

  • 14 nights, Full Board
  • 24 dives
  • Airport Transfers

Saronde Island Resort

Saronde Island Resort by Blue Bay Divers will meet your dreams of a remote white sandy beach island with the luxury of privacy and the uniqueness of Indonesia’s untouched beauty of Indonesia off the tourism track.

  • 7 nights, Private Villa, Full Board
  • 10 Dives
  • Airport Transfer

Private Villa

D'lagoon Dive Resort Lembeh

Experience Lembeh with the local host located at the serene lagoon of Rarandam village Lembeh Island . D’lagoon Dive Resort is conveniently situated right at the center and all of the favourite dive spots in Lembeh Strait are within a short boat ride away.

  • 7 nights, Deluxe Sea View, Full Board
  • 13 Dives plus 1 Night Dive
  • Airport Transfer

Seaview Cottage

Saronde Island Resort - Seaview
Saronde Island Resort - Seaview
Saronde Island Resort - Seaview
The Restaurant, D'Lagoon DIve Resort - Lembeh
D'lagoon Dive Resort - Lembeh Strait
Seaview, D'lagoon Dive Resort - Lembeh
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