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The critters paradise of Indonesia
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Why diving Lembeh Strait ?

“Lembeh is known almost exclusively for its diving and has emerged as the critter capital of Indonesia.
For the uninitiated, welcome to an alien world on our very own planet. Critters are the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit the murky depths and are much admired by underwater photographers…”
(by Lonely Planet.)

The Resort

D’lagoon Dive Resort – Lembeh

Located at Mawali, north of Lembeh island facing a beautiful lagoon locally known as Rarandam Kecil, D’lagoon Dive Resort is conveniently situated right at the center of the lagoon’s beach and all of the favorite dive spots in Lembeh Strait are within a short boat ride away.

The friendly and familiar atmosphere radiated throughout the resort, the delicious food, the comfortable beds with all windows facing the beautiful lagoon and undeniably magnificent tropical vibes of the surroundings and of course the wonderful diving experience everyday makes D’lagoon Dive Resort absolutely a perfect place to enjoy your diving holday in Lembeh Strait – North Sulawesi.

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Teluk Rarandam Kecil
Mawali - Lembeh Utara
Bitung - Sulawesi Utara
Kode Pos: 95555

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