Jiwa Archipelago

Lembeh Strait - Bangka Island

“Jiwa” is a word in Indonesian language that has a broad meaning in describing the spirit, mind, feelings, desires, and thoughts of humans who are constantly moving and rotating.

A journey full of “jiwa” is the reason that brought us to start all of this. And that’s what we want to give to you.

Born, grew-up, worked and opened businesses in the Tourism world for many years – we feel it is still not enough.
We continue to move and innovate, without losing professionalism and warmth in giving service.
Because what matters for us is not only to give a memorable travel experience to you — but also a journey full of “jiwa”.

Between two places. Began as a meeting, into exchanges of ideas, and a shared warmth through visiting each other and sharing each of our dreams.

What started as an encounter of like-minded ones, nurtured into becoming a journey.

A journey that will begin from Bangka and Lembeh, to other Archipelagos

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